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The farm house


Ramello house situated in the countryside of Lower Polesine is immersed in the magnificent area of the Po Delta Park a few miles from the sea along the right bank of the Po di Goro, the farmhouse is a peaceful place to relax, find the contact with natureand rediscover the rhythms and flavors of the past.

The Farmhouse Casa Ramello consists of traditional farm buildings, recently restored with the introduction of modern technologies for the use of clean energy. (Solar panels and photovoltaic panels).On the ground floor are the rooms for the kitchen and dining rooms, while the second floor are located the bedrooms.

The farmhouse has 3 bedrooms, equipped with all comforts and a private bathroom and a mini apartment with TV, private bathroom, kitchen and lounge.Around the House Ramello extend a large outdoor courtyard for the reception and green countryside, quiet and operational at the same time. And visit the farm you can learn about various animals (chickens, sheep, pigs, geese, horses, rabbits, chickens, etc. ...), and buy local products

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